That’s What She Said 30 with Rebecca Grunewald (@duchessrebecca)

Rebecca Grunewald joins us to ponder which book of the Bible calls for George Zimmerman to be raped in prison, why the president has a preference for all-male foursomes, and whether or not Al Sharpton has AIDS.

We also chat about transgendered pageant contestants, women with too much self-esteem, Herman Cain, chickens, and Gloria Allred (separate topics, I swear).

Listen to the MP3 below or grab the podcast on iTunes.

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That’s What She Said 29 with John Hayward of Human Events

Human Events staff writer John Hayward (@Doc_0 on Twitter) calls in to share his thoughts on the Supreme Court Obamacare hearings and the appalling media malpractice in covering Trayvon Martin’s death.

Then we read five steamy excerpts from Arlen Specter’s new book. Naked senators, penetrating stingers, and senators sharing a hot tub? Oh my.

Listen to the MP3 below or grab the podcast on iTunes (usually available in a few hours).

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That’s What She Said 28 with Jimmie Bise (@jimmiebjr)

Blogger Jimmie Bise joins us to chat about, the “War on Women,” and how the left and right use social media.

But first, we do our best to figure out how “brackets” and “seeds” work so we can participate in FTR Radio’s Marx Madness tournament. We also mock the latest form of feminist slacktivism: snatchels.

Sorry for the delay getting this one posted.

Listen to the MP3 below or grab the podcast on iTunes (usually available in a few hours).

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That’s What She Said 27 with Sister Toldjah (@SisterToldjah)

Blogger Sister Toldjah calls in to talk about her declaration of war against the left’s War on Women hysterics. We chat about women who vote with their lady bits, Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda beclowning themselves (shockah!), and what Randi Rhodes wants to do to our ovaries. We also mock EMILY’s List’s Top 10 Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Attacks on Women’s Rights.

But first, we hear from Meghan McCain on why she thinks you’re “boring and forgettable,” what the word “pundit” means in Meghanese, and why she only cares what college students think of her.

Listen to the MP3 below or grab the podcast on iTunes (usually available in a few hours).

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Does Planned Parenthood Support “Racist” Photo ID Requirements?

As Eric Holder’s Justice Department reminded us again today, requiring citizens to show photo ID at the polls is more proof of RepubliKKKan racism. But when Planned Parenthood won’t let women practice their “right to choose” without showing photo ID, apparently that’s a-okay with the left. Move along, nothing to see here.

Here are just a few of the Planned Parenthood clinics using photo ID requirements to suppress the rights of undocumented aborters (or whatever the PC crowd is calling them):

Planned Parenthood Columbia Williamette:

What to bring to your appointment:
#  Your body
#  Money (Cash, Visa, MasterCard, or check)
#  Photo I.D.
#  Insurance card (if you have health insurance)
#  Proof of citizenship (birth certificate or passport)*
#  A friend (optional, of course!)

Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region:

All patients and visitors will be asked to show a photo ID, and security staff may check your bags or purses.

Planned Parenthood of Illinois:

Visit Instructions for Abortion Patients

  • Please bring your photo identification. For security purposes all patients and guests are required to present a valid photo ID to access the health center.

Isn’t this what the feminist left calls an “untenable burden“? Quick, somebody call Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda! I’m sure they’re dying for an opportunity to recycle yesterday’s Goebbels reference.

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That’s What She Said 26 with Teri Christoph (@TeriChristoph)

Teri Christoph of ShePAC and Smart Girl Politics adds her formidable fist-shaking to ours as we chat about ShePAC, the left’s War on Women, and the onslaught of repulsive lady bit scaremongering.

We discuss the manufactured Sandra Fluke controversy, the left’s faux concern for poor women, how Democrats are using women as pawns, and how the right can steer the birth control narrative back to religious liberty and entitlement culture. We also explain where Kirsten Powers goes wrong in her widely linked look at liberal misogyny.

Bonus: learn all about the sinister Pinterest plot to send women back to the Dark Ages. It’s true! We read it on the Internet!

The podcast will be on iTunes in a few hours or you can listen to the MP3 below.

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