18 Million Australians Don’t Understand The Point of Drinking


According to a new report, only 4 million Australians drink to get drunk.

MORE than four million Australians say they drink alcohol with the aim of getting drunk, a new study has found. And about half of those people try to get drunk at least once a week.

The report, commissioned by the Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Foundation, says 80 per cent of Australians believe the nation has a drinking problem.

Which means that 18 million of the estimated 22 million population don’t understand, you know, the point of alcohol.  Obviously, we can discount the people under the legal age, but that would entail doing more math and stuff. Subtracting 4 from 22 was more than enough. I don’t math.

Regardless, they seem shocked that people like to get wasted. Evidently, blame can be placed on advertisers:

“When seen against the increasingly aggressive marketing of alcohol by those producers and retailers, it tells a sorry tale.”

While I don’t math, I do know my beer. And, believe me, no one sits there thinking to themselves “Oh, I don’t *really* feel like getting faced. But that commercial! I cannot resist the siren call of a television ad.

On a serious note, of course this is cause for government intervention. It’s a Crisis ™!

Mr Thorn said the government’s alcohol policies must focus on the whole population, not just individuals.

“The current approach to addressing this (alcohol issues) which focuses on personal responsibility is clearly failing,” he said.

I wonder if Mr. Thorn has been talking to Mayor Bloomberg? It sounds like his approach to the insidious evil known as salt.

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One Response to 18 Million Australians Don’t Understand The Point of Drinking

  1. davidswindle says:

    I just picked up a case of Miller High Life at Ralph’s last night. Would’ve gotten a draught keg of Heineken for the BeerTender (like I usually do) but it wasn’t on sale like it usually is and $26 just seems like too much to pay for beer at one time.

    And, as the Left teaches us, diversity is a GOOD thing.

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