Andrew Sullivan Learns That Unrequited Love Hurts – UPDATED


(see also “Update” below)

Oh dear. I can just picture him scrawling madly in his tear-stained diary:

It’s so surreal, so discordant with what the president has told the American people, so fantastically contrary to everything he campaigned on, that I will simply wait for more confirmation than this before commenting further. I simply cannot believe it. I know the president is not against all wars – just dumb ones. But could any war be dumber than this – in a place with no potential for civil society, wrecked by totalitarianism, riven by tribalism, in defense of rebels we do not know and who are clearly insufficient to the task?

Love hurts, huh Sully?

But good news! He seems to have found an outlet for his pain; a return to his fond vocation as Forensic Fancy Womb Specialist:

Eating Dirt

It’s the weirdest sign that you may be expecting:

In fact, says author Sera Young, in some cultures eating dirt is the go-to pregnancy “gotcha” symptom—the same way that every American knows to suspect a woman who pukes in the morning, or wants pickles with her ice cream.

Let the investigations begin. I hope he thought to get dirt samples from Alaska!


Oh, how it hurts … Sully is now reaching out to the Tea Party (for reals!) and is preparing himself for the impeachment of the dictatorial Obama.



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