At Least She Didn’t Make Them Sing “Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Barack Hussein Obama”


A Norfolk, VA public school principal apologized last week for an “inappropriate” history lesson presented to a fourth grade class. The teacher, Jessica Boyle, thought it would be a brilliant idea to let the white kids bid on the black kids in a mock auction (h/t @catspolitics):

Apparently, during a fourth grade teacher’s lesson on the Civil War, students were separated by race. White students on one side and African American and mixed-race students on the other, who were then offered up for auction, Virginia’s Fox 43 news reports.

In an April 6 letter to the students’ parents and guardians, Principal Mary B. Wrushen wrote, “I recently became aware of a history lesson that was presented to the students in Ms. Jessica Boyle’s fourth grade class. Although her actions were well intended to meet the instructional objectives, the activity presented was inappropriate for the students.”

Wrushen added that she intends to follow up with the teacher to make sure this never happens again.

When Jessica isn’t fomenting racial strife among fourth graders, she can be found trolling Friendster for men who are “fun, whitty, and romantic. But i’ll take orginal any day of the week.” I’m guessing her students will have a lot of catching up to do next year.

Jessica, or “jessb4u” as she’s known on MySpace, is also looking for love on And surprise! Her political orientation is listed as “liberal.”

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