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Demagoguing Rape, Exploiting Victims: The Degenerate Left Continues to Use and Abuse Women

Crossposted from RedState: Out: Hitler analogies. In: rape demagoguery.  If you are a morally bankrupt Leftist, that is. And it’s not just ‘fringe’, either. Mainstream Democrats, including our own Vice-President, are hopping on the revolting bandwagon that reached the nadir … Continue reading

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While Left Tells Assaulted Women Hush Up, SC Sheriff Empowers Saying ‘Ladies, Arm Yourselves’

The Sheriff of Spartanburg County in South Carolina gave a news conference yesterday wherein he offered reason number 7,283 why I am a Conservative. You see, while the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement is making those pesky women who’ve been sexually … Continue reading

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Salon’s Joan Walsh: Predictable and Racist Buffoon

Joan Walsh is nothing if not predictable and super tiring. Oh yeah, and totally racist. Her true racist colors showed once again in her latest article at Salon. The article was meant to attack Newt Gingrich for a statement he … Continue reading

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The Peace Corps at 50: What’s a Little Rape, Murder, and Brutalization of Women Between Friends?

That great lefty favorite, the Peace Corps, just had a 50th birthday! You can tell, because it’s demanding presents. The Lefties who totally love conscience-salving stints in third world countries rejoiced and then swiftly returned to their soy lattes and … Continue reading

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Michael Moore, Blithering Idjit: Focus on Bin Laden’s Money, Not His Religious Motivations

Finally, Michael Moore weighs in on the death of Osama Bin Laden. In his usual bloated blithering idjit way, natch:   Dan McLaughlin was correct when he said in response: Multi-Millionaire makes ass of self on Twitter The gluttonous Michael … Continue reading

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GOP House Intel Chair Thinks We Are No Better Than Animals

Representative Mike Rogers is the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Clearly, “intelligence” is a term used very loosely, as his remarks regarding the release of Bin Laden photos makes abundantly clear: “The risks of release outweigh the benefits,” Rogers … Continue reading