Can’t We All Just Pre-emptively Tell Trump ‘You’re Fired’?


Because, dude. It would be convenient. I mean, he’d be recording The Apprentice anyway:

The real estate mogul has chosen the season finale of his NBC reality show, “The Apprentice” as the venue for announcing his presidential decision, Newsmax reported late Wednesday. The show is set to air May 15. Newsmax reports that Trump will announce plans to hold a press conference to announce his candidacy in the Trump Tower in New York “a few days after” the finale.

Trump had previously stated he would wait until June to make a final decision about about a presidential campaign.

This absurdity aggression will not stand! He must stop this nonsense, for a variety of reasons:

a) He refers to himself as The Donald. Shut. Up.

b) He is like a gazillionaire, yet still insists on that hair.

c) He is announcing plans to announce plans about whether he will announce. Or not announce. Or something.

d) His only bit of presidential experience would be that he knows how to file bankruptcy. Which, granted, may come in handy. We are headed there – thanks bunches, Obama!

e) The stench of Smug ™ emanating off of him makes me wish to wipe it off of him. With my fist. Also, it makes me scowl, which isn’t cute and causes wrinkles. For that alone, he must pay.

f) And, oh yeah, he’s a birther.

I am holding out one hope, though. I’m hoping he will lose interest in this presidency gig, just like he does his wives.

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One Response to Can’t We All Just Pre-emptively Tell Trump ‘You’re Fired’?

  1. m says:

    Shoot, I like Trump. I like that he isn’t afraid to go right back at liberals when they try to intimidate him – unlike most of the GOP.

    Go Donald.

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