Celebrating the “Sacred Work” of Planned Parenthood on Good Friday


Whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, Christian or not, calling the work done by Planned Parenthood “sacred”–on Good Friday, no less–is gut-churningly obscene. Or at least it should be.

On Friday, a pro-life demonstrator snapped this shot of a “Planning for Parenthood is Sacred Work” banner draped over the entrance to a Virginia Beach Planned Parenthood facility:

Not surprising from an organization that considers concealing child sexual abuse from authorities more “sacred” than parental rights and lying to women about fetal development more “sacred” than trusting women with the truth.

Update: Alexa Shrugged reminds us that this is hardly the first time the word “sacred” has been put to bizarre use by Planned Parenthood advocates. In 2008, clergy blessed a Schenectady, NY Planned Parenthood clinic in a ceremony dubbed “On Sacred Ground.”

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