Chris Matthews Ups The Creep Factor, Swoons Over Obama’s Smile


In case you missed it during the shutdown Crisis ™ averted kerfuffle, Chris Matthews ups the creep factor once again.

After watching a clip of Obama, this was Matthews’ assessment:

“You know, sometimes, Gene [Robinson], he has that, he didn’t have it right there but a minute ago he had that great smile, that little boy smile of his which is so winning. Mark [Halperin] noticed it too. He brings it out. I don’t know if it’s technique.”

Matthews went on to contrast the smile with John Boehner who, he said, always looked like he was “shvitzing.”

“He’s just so dreamy! He’s totally smiling at me, I just know it!”

As always, I’m just so glad that Matthews sits behind a desk and that the camera does not pan down.

He now reminds me of that creepy stalker girl in those Virgin Mobile cell phone commercials. The ones where she is sitting there in the dark, frantically (and cuckoo pants-ily) stalking some dude on foursquare and twitter.

Also, what’s with the use of “boy”, Chris? Maureen Dowd is going to be ticked.

h/t Allahpundit

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