“Dear Woman” Scheme to Get Laid With Feminists May Actually Be Working


Are we looking at a possible love connection for the (purported) men of “Dear Woman” fame?

Earlier this week Lori went full-on mean girl on the “sniveling, pathetic whiners” who recorded a video apology to all women for thousands of years of imbalances in masculine and feminine energies. If you haven’t been fortunate enough to see them disembowel their dignity, you can watch it here.

After viewing their emasculation-fest, I asked, “Odds that their new agey scam to get laid actually works?”

Turns out, the odds aren’t bad. At least one feminist has formally accepted their apology, albeit with a caveat about how creeptastic they are:

I love the feminist sentiment espoused in this “Dear Woman” video by what seems to be a spirituality-based group called Conscious Men … but can we talk about how creepy these guys are? What’s with the music? The vacant intonation of voice? The cold stares? It’s just bizarre. But hey, thanks, men: I accept your apologies.

If she’s into guys self-cannibalizing their masculinity in an effort to get laid, chances are the cold stares aren’t that much of a turn-off.

The “Conscious Men” could totally hit that.

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3 Responses to “Dear Woman” Scheme to Get Laid With Feminists May Actually Be Working

  1. Feminine dudes hookin' up with masculine chicks, makes sense to me!

  2. Scott says:

    Are you F’ing kidding me?

  3. EvilSquirrel says:

    I seriously thought that video was just a joke…. Wow….

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