Does Planned Parenthood Support “Racist” Photo ID Requirements?


As Eric Holder’s Justice Department reminded us again today, requiring citizens to show photo ID at the polls is more proof of RepubliKKKan racism. But when Planned Parenthood won’t let women practice their “right to choose” without showing photo ID, apparently that’s a-okay with the left. Move along, nothing to see here.

Here are just a few of the Planned Parenthood clinics using photo ID requirements to suppress the rights of undocumented aborters (or whatever the PC crowd is calling them):

Planned Parenthood Columbia Williamette:

What to bring to your appointment:
#  Your body
#  Money (Cash, Visa, MasterCard, or check)
#  Photo I.D.
#  Insurance card (if you have health insurance)
#  Proof of citizenship (birth certificate or passport)*
#  A friend (optional, of course!)

Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region:

All patients and visitors will be asked to show a photo ID, and security staff may check your bags or purses.

Planned Parenthood of Illinois:

Visit Instructions for Abortion Patients

  • Please bring your photo identification. For security purposes all patients and guests are required to present a valid photo ID to access the health center.

Isn’t this what the feminist left calls an “untenable burden“? Quick, somebody call Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda! I’m sure they’re dying for an opportunity to recycle yesterday’s Goebbels reference.

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