Forget pundits. What do the pornstars think about Osama bin Laden’s death?


News you can use: America’s pornstars have weighed in on the assassination of Osama bin Laden (via Twitter, of course).

Some of them are happy:

  • Lexi Belle: “RT @acenlv to celebrate Osama death I joined @OMGitsLexi site. Dont pay for porn & the terrorists win!!!<–you win baby! Thank you”
  • Alana Evans: “This is just like when the wicked witch of the east was killed and all the munchins celebrated! DING DONG OSAMAS DEAD!”
  • Diamond Foxxx: “Hand shake to all armed forces who went after bin laden. As a team, the USA killed the bastard. Congratulations!”

And at least one is really happy:

  • Alison Tyler: “Alright whoever killed Osama is getting a [something we can’t print at NewsReal]!!”

Read the uncensored version of that tweet and others at BlackBook.

h/t The Awl

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