Hampshire College Prof: Shame on that Racist Obama for Wanting OBL Dead & Siding with “Bankers”


Osama bin Laden spent his final moments cowering behind a woman, reportedly his wife. The feminist headlines write themselves … or they should.

Instead, the editors of Feministing handed their coverage of of the assassination over to Falguni Sheth, a Hampshire College professor who denounced “the smug victory message by Obama,” his “extreme” and “racist” war, and “the Democrats’ horrific descent into Republicanism.”

The assassination of Osama Bin Laden doesn’t signal a victory for Americans but rather a resounding alarm about the surreal state of affairs in which we Americans have landed, with President Obama at the helm, leading the charge to assassinate Americans and foreigners alike, and vicious beatings of all others who express dissent and stand in the way of the United States Government. We must finally set our sights on neither the Democrats nor the Republicans, but instead put our faith for hope and change in a third party who will kick these vicious xenophobic, racist, brutal plutocrats out of office, and send their banker and insurance friends packing as well. Shame, President Obama, on you and all your “Democratic” colleagues.

Here’s where we agree. I’m all for the far Left spinning off into their own third party. Godspeed.

But who’s the real racist in this case, Falguni? The president who ordered the just and necessary assassination of a terrorist or a feminist professor who wishes bin Laden was still alive, still terrorizing both Arab Muslims and the Westerners who fight for their freedom and ours? Maybe the real racist is you, Falguni, a woman who couldn’t resist a bit of thinly veiled anti-Semitism in her incoherent rant against Obama.

Go ahead, Obama has effectively told his troops in the Senate and the House: Keep going, dear friends Harry Reid AND John Boehner, continue the war on the uninsured, the homeless, the mortgage-foreclosed, Latino migrants, Muslim migrants, GLBT folks, sexually active women. It’s OK, we can keep siding with the bankers without consequence.

And there it is. Obama sided with “the bankers,” aka The Jews, and for that he must pay. Subtle.

Slither back into your gutter, you disgusting anti-Semitic cretin.

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