Heel Time With Bill Maher. Again.


Bill Maher is desperately making sure that no one takes away his crown as Most Disgusting Alleged Man on TV, evidently. Not content with calling Sarah Palin a dumb t*at, he had to up the sexist pig ante by hurling the C word.

I knew that word was coming next; it’s a liberal favorite and they are nothing if not predictable.

It’s just too bad that alleged men like this are no longer treated the way the would have been treated in the old school days: with a punch in the face (violent rhetoric, oh no! I’m not much for the “new tone”)

And shunning. He should wear a Scarlet A — for Ass. There is also a C word that describes him: cretin.

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  1. bandit says:

    Who alleges Bill Maher is a man?

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