Hey, Climate Change Alarmists Have Boobs Too


British retailer Marks & Spencer wants carbon footprint-obsessed women to know they’ve got your back, er, front:

Marks & Spencer has made ‘going green’ even easier as it today launched the high street’s first ever carbon neutral bra.

Part of the new Autograph Leaves lingerie collection, the retail chain has calculated the footprint of the entire range, which includes four styles of bra, three knickers and a set of suspenders.

The figure, calculated by The Carbon Trust Footprinting Certification Company, takes into account each item’s complete life cycle – from component manufacture to transportation and even the energy customers use washing and drying their underwear.

You don’t expect the eco-friendly woman to wear just any lingerie, do you?

And really, what good is a bra unless you can smugly lecture people on how it sustains the environment as well as your rack?


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