Hey Guys, Your Face Really CAN Freeze That Way


From the Daily Caller (video at the link):

Holly Thompson, 17, of Kingsthorpe, Northampton, was in the middle of a particularly enthralling class on politics when she reacted to the subject matter like many other students would — she yawned.

But what happened next wasn’t so typical. Her trap wouldn’t shut, making her look like an anime character in a state of shock.


“I was so shocked, my expression probably said it all,” she said. “I nudged my friend to show her what had happened but I was so embarrassed. When we realized we couldn’t close it, she had to tell the teacher.”

I’m totally not rolling my eyes any more,  just in case. And I will show this to my 8 year old, just to frighten her into believing Mommy is always right. Good times, good times.

h/t Aaron Goldenberg

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