In addition to having no heart, the Barefoot Contessa …


has no spine.

Enzo’s family, along with the M.A.W. foundation, had confirmed that Garten declined to grant Enzo’s wish due to scheduling conflicts — TWICE — but now, Garten’s rep says she’s willing to play ball.

The rep insists, “[Ina] looks forward to inviting him to spend some time with her at the Food Network studios.”

C’mon, Ina. If you think a kid with life threatening cancer who worships the ground you walk on isn’t a priority, own it, woman!

And kudos to Food Network chefs Beau MacMillan and Michael Symon for stepping up and offering to cook with 6-year-old Enzo instead.

h/t Hot Air

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2 Responses to In addition to having no heart, the Barefoot Contessa …

  1. Jenn, I've spent most of my adult life caring for dying loved ones. It's not something everyone can do. Certainly it must be even harder to work with dying children. Let the people who can't do it set their boundaries. I am not disappointed in Ina Garten, whose show I enjoy. I am disappointed in the Make-a-Wish Foundation. It is a disgrace that they shamed Ms. Garten in this way–thuggish even. They had a duty to suggest the child make a different wish, not to bully a celebrity and make an example of her so future celebrities know what's in store for them if they don't obey.

    • Jenn Q. Public says:

      Hi, Cynthia. Thanks for your comment.

      I agree that being around kids with serious illnesses is not something everyone can handle. But, according to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Ina Garten "is a celebrity wish granter who has generously made herself available to grant a wish in the past." So I'm not sure we can count her among those too sensitive to engage in this kind of work.

      I also think that if this was tough for her, she could have just been honest about it instead of snubbing a kid and using her schedule as an excuse. I'm thrilled that the little boy is going to get his wish, and if a little negative media attention made that happen, then I'm all for it. Ina lives in the public spotlight by choice and part of that is being called out when she does something classless.

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