In Which Lindsey Graham Announces His Retirement


Not in so many words, but this guy can’t possibly expect to be reelected to the United States Senate after telling NRO that Americans ought to capitulate to the demands of Islamists.

Lindsey Graham was already on shaky ground with grassroots conservatives in South Carolina. Now, he’s given his constituents all the incentive they need to force him into retirement in 2014.

I don’t have a problem condemning somebody who burns the Koran or any other religious teaching, particularly when it puts our troops at risk. If we don’t realize that we have thousands of American soldiers in Muslim countries, and that what we do and say here influences their security, then we are just disconnected from the world as it is.

The First Amendment does allow you to express yourself and burn a Koran. I’m sure that’s the law, but I don’t think it’s a responsible use of our First Amendment right.

Where does this end? How many more things are going to happen in the world that is going to incite violence against our service members overseas? I am just asking Americans, don’t do that, please. For God’s sake, no matter how you feel about religion, please keep it within the confines of realizing that we have thousands of people serving our nation, fighting for those First Amendment rights. They’ve got enough problems.

Read the whole thing. Graham is asking Americans to kneel in response to the intimidation of thugs half a world away, to bite our tongues lest we say something too provocative or offensive to enemies of freedom. And even worse, he’s dressing up his cowardice in concern for our troops, an argument Mark Steyn beats to a bloody pulp in a follow-up to his earlier evisceration of Graham:

The guy “putting the troops at risk” here is Senator Graham, and General Petraeus and the other advocates of the one-way multiculti danse macabre. They’re telling our enemies the more you tread on our toes the more we’ll pretend not to notice and try to waltz you gaily round the floor one more time.

Pre-emptive capitulation only invites more and more provocations.

To steal a line I quoted at NewsReal yesterday, “terrorism feeds on its successes,” and Lindsey Graham is catering an all-you-can-eat buffet.

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