It’s Official: I Cannot In Good Conscience Attend The Royal Wedding


I would object to this and would not be able to forever hold my peace. Which would be super awkward and all during the ceremony, especially as I am a mere commoner:

Prince William ‘bans beer from royal wedding’

Prince William and Kate Middleton have reportedly banned the consumption of beer at their wedding reception.

Guests will be served champagne and wine after beer was deemed to be unsuitable for such a prestigious occasion, The Mirror reports.

A source said: “There won’t be any beer. Let’s face it, it isn’t really an appropriate drink to be serving in the Queen’s presence at such an occasion. It was always their intention to give their guests a sophisticated experience and they have chosen the food and drink with this in mind.”

Good day, sir. I SAID GOOD DAY.

Who needs them and their fancy pants soiree? They will probably call it a soiree, too, in order to be even more frou-frou and haughty. Worse, they are going to be all “sober” and stuff.

The pair have apparently agreed to stay sober throughout the celebrations in order to savour their special day.

What a waste of an excuse to get wasted.  Snooze-ville. I’ll perhaps point and snicker at the festivities, as I’m sure I won’t be able to escape the ubiquitous coverage. But, it will be from my couch.

With a good old beer in hand. American beer. So there, fancy pants Royals!


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  1. M. Fox says:

    Bahahahaha…I say GOOD DAY! you crack me up. I would also have to object to this ridiculous objection to beer. I have a feeling though this is all protocol and not the wishes of the couple. I have a feeling this whole wedding is not really their style.

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