Joe McGinness, Trig Birther


It appears as if Joe McGinness – now on Twitter – is trying to steal Andrew Sullivan’s Forensic Uterine Specialist thunder:

Well, speaking of not producing birth certificates, where is Trig’s?

Of all the issues I would have thought Sarah would not have wanted to get involved in, I would have put “birth certificates” at the top of my list.  Just shows that even I can underestimate her capacity for putting her foot in her mouth when she easily could keep it on the ground.

She wants to join Trump’s inane campaign to revive the issue of Obama’s U.S. citizenship?

Didn’t anyone teach her about Pandora’s Box?

Or does she think that’s a zone defense used in women’s basketball?

Wow, he’s hilarious. I can’t wait for his Palin book to come out; it’s sure to be totally unbiased and truthful! Did he move in next door to her for “research” purposes for the book or for creepy uterus stalking?

On the plus side, the cat fight between McGinness and Sully is sure to be entertaining: “I’m Senior Fellow of Uterine Forensics! No, I am!”



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