Marlene Dietrich’s Plot to Get Naked and Kill Hitler


Marlene Dietrich was repulsed by Nazism and refused to visit her homeland to make films that could be used as Third Reich propaganda. But she was ready to return to Germany if there was a chance she could assassinate Hitler, and according to a new biography, she was willing to get naked for the cause.

If only she’d come up with a weapon that could be smuggled into Hitler’s bedroom:

She would agree to make one film in Germany, on condition that she could be alone with the Fuhrer.

This would give her an opportunity to kill him.

She told [Douglas Fairbanks Jr., her boyfriend at the time]: ‘I would gush over how I feel about him, intimating that I am desperately in love with him. I’ve heard Hitler likes me and I’m certain he would agree.’

Realising she would be searched, she was prepared to go into Hitler’s bedroom naked if necessary, but the only detail she could not resolve was how to smuggle in a murder weapon.

She considered a poisoned hairpin, but asked for Fairbanks’ suggestions, too.

‘I never thought of anything,’ he said.

‘Fortunately, her idea didn’t go any further because she didn’t figure out how to complete the assassination, but she was a very brave girl and I know she would have gambled her life if she thought she had a chance of success.’

Awe. Some.

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