Michael Moore, Blithering Idjit: Focus on Bin Laden’s Money, Not His Religious Motivations


Finally, Michael Moore weighs in on the death of Osama Bin Laden. In his usual bloated blithering idjit way, natch:


Dan McLaughlin was correct when he said in response:

Multi-Millionaire makes ass of self on Twitter http://bit.ly/iIx79k

The gluttonous Michael Moore suggests that *excess* (the icky capitalist kind, not the Krispy Kreme kind, of course) played a role in Osama Bin Laden masterminding evil plots of murderous rampage to kill innocents in America and around the globe – but not Islamic terrorism. You Islamaphobes!

Those CEOs getting millions in year end bonuses? It’s a miracle it hasn’t caused them to get Jihad-y and commit horrendous acts of evil.

Monetary extremism! Radical Capitalism, not Radical Islam!

I’m actually glad he pointed this out. I mean, if the dangers of multi-millionaires are that grave, we really need to have Michael Moore put on the no-fly list.

Instead of just the “required to purchase 2 seats” list.


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6 Responses to Michael Moore, Blithering Idjit: Focus on Bin Laden’s Money, Not His Religious Motivations

  1. CO2 Insanity says:

    Bad Michael = No donut!

  2. Allen James Burnham says:

    Well Osama Bin Laden was a multi-millionaire. The comment itself was not as good as it could have been, but unlike all those CEOs Michael Moore has had to work hard for his money and earn it the old-fashioned way, by selling a product that sells and reinvesting the money in more projects. Watch the you tube video of him giving a speech in Wisconsin/

  3. Unk says:

    And people don’t have to work hard to become CEO’s? Also, “the old fashioned way” is bashing everything capitalist and american while taking advantage of the same system to fatten your…bank account? Flawed logic.

  4. Despite what Michael Moore says, it is the BELIEFS of Osama bin Laden and those who believe like him that drive the homicidal impulses of the late Mr. bin Laden and his co-religionists. If I had a lot of money, is it likely I would want to kill those who do not believe as as I do? Not really. Not unless they tried to kill me.

  5. Bill K. says:

    Rumor has it that the world’s richest person in the early 20th century, Andrew Carnegie, wasn’t sure if he should build libraries throughout the U.S. or simply use his extra money to burn all the books he could, no doubt supporting Moore’s theory. Apparently he was feeling good that morning, the weather being nice, and decided to just build those libraries. Had he not died of old age, of course, he might have decided to blow them all up anyway. After all, what is money for? He certainly knew history, and knew the brilliant spectacle that Egypt’s burning of their great library in Alexandria must have been. So we lucked out, Mr. Moore. Thanks for point this connection out.

  6. steveo says:

    stealing a line from 30 Rock.

    Michael you are the AT&T of political commentators

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