Modesty Police to Assess Fines for Skimpy Clothing in…Barcelona?


Looks like Barcelona won’t be hosting the next Slut Walk. The city council–supported by the socially conservative, er, I mean, Socialist mayor–recently passed a measure authorizing police to punish scantily clad men and women with hefty fines.

Anyone who walks the streets away from the beaches clad in just a bikini, trunks or a swimsuit will be liable for fines of up to €300 (£262).

Barcelona has been trying to shake off a reputation as a city where anything goes.

Ms Escarp told The Times: ‘Some people who live here are bothered by tourists who go dressed in a bikini in the street, or in swimming trunks. We have to maintain standards.’

Authorities in the city, where the port and the beach areas sit by the historic old town, earlier this year put up posters discouraging scantily clad tourists from walking the streets.

This is the actual poster distributed by the Barcelona government:


Thank goodness the pickpocket capital of the world is taking crime seriously by cracking down on the blight of bare midriffs. The proud citizens of Barcelona can finally take back the streets from the most insidious of threats: visible navels.

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