NHS: Brits Visit The Dentist Far Too Often


When your country’s biggest export is material for bad teeth jokes, scaling back on dentistry might not be the way to go.

Dentists are advising patients to come back for check-ups far more often than they need to, the Government has warned.

Many are suggesting people return in six months’ time when they in fact need to be seen only every two years.

According to official guidelines from the health watchdog NICE, most adults need to go for a check-up only every two years.

But 71 per cent of NHS patients are called back to their dentists within nine months, figures from the Department of Health show. Of these, 13 per cent return within three months, according to statistics from last April to September.

Aw, and just when they’d reached a milestone: the average British adult who actually has teeth has almost 26 of them.

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