NY Dem Accused of Slicing Girlfriend’s Face Now Serving Up Pizza Slices


Corrupt, woman-beating Democrat Hiram Monserrate was caught on surveillance video dragging his bloodied girlfriend by the hair after allegedly slashing her face with a piece of glass.  Where is he now?

Hiram Monserrate is serving the public again — one slice at a time.

The shamed former state senator is getting rid of his aggression these days by pounding the dough at a pizza shop in Queens.

A year after he was booted from Albany on charges he beat and slashed his girlfriend, Monserrate is working the counter at Papaya Pizza, a 2-month-old, $1.25-a-slice pizza joint located in his old Corona campaign headquarters.

But his notoriety has made several women in the community lose their appetites.

“We’d never buy anything [there]. I would never give him a dime. I would never want to put a dollar in his pocket,” said a teacher at nearby PS 19.

Oh how the wannabe mighty have fallen. Justice is a dish best served piping hot and smothered in cheese and pepperoni.

[via Memeorandum]

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