Obama: Oh, Did I Say I Would Never Use Signing Statements To Circumvent Laws? Gotcha!


The spending bill signed into law last week prohibited funding to “Czars”. President Obama now says Whatever. Laws Shmaws. I want my Czars! He has issued a signing statement in an attempt to circumvent the prohibitions and welsh on the deal he made with the GOP. Via Redstate:

The spending bill as written prohibited the White House from devoting funds to those czars directing the administration’s policy agenda for health care, climate change, the auto industry and urban affairs.

But the president broke the terms of the eleventh-hour agreement, issuing a signing statement Friday indicating he would employ czars–of which he’s tapped a record 39–as he sees appropriate.

He is also flipping the big old bird to everyone, since candidate Obama campaigned on the promise that he would never use such signing statements, as the Daily Caller reminds us:

As a candidate for president in 2008, Obama blasted former President George W. Bush for his aggressive use of signing statements to alter how laws would be implemented after he signed them.

“Congress’s job is to pass legislation. The president can veto it, or he can sign it. But what George Bush has been trying to do as part of his effort to accumulate more power in the presidency, is he’s been saying ‘Well, I can basically change what Congress passed by attaching a letter saying, I don’t agree with this part, or I don’t agree with that part. I’m going to choose to interpret it this way or that way,’” Obama said.

“That’s not part of his power. But this is part of the whole theory of George Bush that he can make laws as he’s going along. I disagree with that. I taught the Constitution for ten years. I believe in the Constitution. And I will obey the Constitution of the United States. We’re not going to use signing statements as a way of doing an end run around Congress,” Obama said.

Psych! He was totally just kidding. It’s quite clear he was also lying about that whole believing in the Constitution and wanting to obey it deal, as his entire Presidency thus far has shown.

The arrogance. It burns. If questioned, you just know his response will be his standard “I won.”

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