Olbermann: “Ann God Damned Coulter” and Scott Walker Dream of Fiery Deaths for Workers


Aw. How sweet. Cornell agriculture school grad Keith Olbermann got to speak at the real Cornell.

After plenty of self-important yammering and predictable union cheerleading, he got around to declaring America “a Progressive nation.” But that was just a warm-up for this:

The Triangle Waist Company is alive and well and living in the dreams of the Koch Brothers and Carlos F. Lam and Governor Scott Walker. And Ann God Damned Coulter.

And let us make sure that that is exactly where the Triangle Waste [sic] Company stays.


The Triangle Waist Company fire killed 146 Americans (inflated to 168 in his speech), and the best way Keith can think of to remember those deaths is to screech that “Ann God Damned Coulter” and friends dream of a reprise? Revolting.

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