Patrick Dempsey, We Need to Talk About Your Eyelashes


In keeping with the gender role theme at TWSS today, I have some rules I’d like to share.

In a pinch, there are some things a man can borrow from his wife:

  • a pen
  • a hairbrush
  • a handgun
  • an MP3 player
  • an umbrella

It is utterly, completely, totally outside the realm of okay to borrow your wife’s false eyelashes to wear to your son’s little league game. Someone please get the message to Patricia Dempsey:

No wonder it’s easy to get lost in McDreamy’s eyes! Star has learned the secret to Patrick Dempsey’s lush lashes: They’re fake!

“He borrows fake lashes from his wife, Jill,” says an insider. “He wears them all the time – even to his son’s Little League games!”

God knows what he does with her diaphragm.

And yes, I know that Star is often full of it. But let this be a lesson to any men considering falsies: if gluing on your wife’s lashes doesn’t destroy all your man cred, the TWSS dames will.


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