So, Now The Carpet Can Match The Drapes: Betty Beauty



With naughty bits hair dye. No, really.

This exists:

Nancy Jarecki created the south-of-the-border hair dye line so women can match the color of their tresses with the color of their Betty.VoguePeopleVanity Fair and Oprah Magazine have all raved about Betty Beauty, reaffirming that it is in fact safe, trendy, and won’t rub off on you or your partner.

More disturbing? Oprah Magazine raving about it and vouching for the fact that it won’t rub off (heh) on you or your partner. Insert something about betting “best friend” Gayle got to help test that assertion, not that there is anything wrong with that, yada yada yada.

Now off to gouge out my own mind’s eye from the trauma of even thinking the above thoughts. Also, you’re welcome.


Yes, it’s old. But I just saw it. So, did it ever really exist before?


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