[Video] Some Women Just Don’t Deserve Equal Pay


If these chicks are earning 77 percent of what the average man makes, they’re overpaid. Way overpaid.

Behold, the Equal Pay flash mob at the Lincoln Memorial, brought to you by your predominantly white friends at the Center for American Progress. Put down your drink before watching this video. Trust me.

[via Brittany Cohan on Twitter]

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2 Responses to [Video] Some Women Just Don’t Deserve Equal Pay

  1. EvilSquirrel says:

    You know… Maybe in the typical desk jobs women make less than men… But I have a hard time believing that women have it bad in the corporate world… It's WAAAAY easier for women to get ahead than men, ask ANYONE!! And if you're a black woman LOOK OUT WORLD!!! You'll get promoted just because!! I'm not saying that they don't earn their position (most of the time anyway), but it's getting harder and harder for a white male to get ahead. I've seen it.

  2. Chuck Dizzle says:

    Aww. I just want to stuff dollar bills down their hoodies.

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