Spammers Prey On Vanity To Trick Facebook Users


As Caleb Howe said “This is why we can’t have nice things.” Spammers have learned to lure people on facebook with things like “You are sooo totally popular! Look how many people check out your profile’ and the like. They then, of course, harvest your information.

TrendMicro’s fraud analyst Paul Pajares says that spammers have turned to Facebook Events instead of posting their links to users’ walls where they can “easily get lost in the News Feed.”  These bogus events often have tantalizing, link-bait titles like “How to Find Out Who’s Viewing Your Profile” or “Who Blocked You From His Friend List?”

See, that’s the thing. If you frantically fill out information in order to find out who has blocked you on facebook, you might have bigger problems than being spammed. I see this happening on twitter, too. And since I’m a mean girl according to Maureen Dowd, I must admit it kind of makes me giggle when I see it. Are we that desperate for validation? Even worse, likely from relative strangers?

I mean, being Retweeted on Twitter is a much better ego stroke anyway. Am I right, tweeps?

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One Response to Spammers Prey On Vanity To Trick Facebook Users

  1. Rochmoninoff says:

    The Onion’s Facebook joke:,19753/
    Where the CIA is a amazed how much personal info people will provide to strangers.
    I laughed.
    But then this joke pretty much sums up what I think of Facebook in general.
    Facebook is the opposite of privacy.
    I’m old I admit it. But I don’t get why people think Facebook is a good idea.

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