Taco Bell Plus Doritos: Artery Clogging Marriage Made In Heaven


Via AOL News (video at the link):

Mexican chain restaurant Taco Bell is reportedly testing the Doritos Locos Tacos, a taco shell made entirely of nacho cheese Doritos.

“Much has been made of extreme food recently, what with KFC’s Double Down and Denny’s new bacon holocaust rippling through the Internet,” Stephen Reader wrote for Death and Taxes. “Taco Bell, by contrast, has been crazy forever. In fact, Doritos Locos Tacos represent a relatively tame outing for the faux-Mexican chain.”

Oh, my. Locos, if by locos you mean totally awesome. And it is a tame outing for Taco Bell. I mean, Doritos taco shells is pretty mild considering the stuff they pass off as taco ‘meat’.

According to the article, the Doritos shell tacos have only been spotted in limited runs in the midwest, with no announced plans thus far for a national run. These need to make their way down South. For me.

Make it happen. Thanks!

Update from Jenn: Shame on you, Lori, planning to cheat on Sexy Taco with that wanton strumpet Taco Bell.


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