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That’s What She Said 25 with Rob Taylor

Two girls, four fists are out in full force in this episode as we rant about Keith Olbermann’s despicable defense of child rape as consensual sex and lefties’ vile rape demagoguery during their campaign to falsely characterize the Virginia ultrasound … Continue reading

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My Latest for PJM: Olbermann Defends Convicted Rapist’s Right to Occupy 14-Year-Old Girl

My post at PJ Media this week examines Keith Olbermann’s claim that a 14-year-old runaway had consensual sex with a 23-year-old convicted rapist at the Occupy Dallas camp. Here’s an excerpt: This was just another gentle Occupier with a heart … Continue reading

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Big Journalism’s Kurt Schlichter Takes Down Author of Wonkette’s Revolting Trig Palin Post

This piece should be listed in the dictionary as definition of the phrase “epic pawnage”. The entire piece is outstanding, as Schlichter’s articles always are, but this particular passage is one of my favorites: The fact is that men don’t … Continue reading

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