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That’s What She Said 27 with Sister Toldjah (@SisterToldjah)

Blogger Sister Toldjah calls in to talk about her declaration of war against the left’s War on Women hysterics. We chat about women who vote with their lady bits, Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda beclowning themselves (shockah!), and what Randi … Continue reading

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That’s What She Said 26 with Teri Christoph (@TeriChristoph)

Teri Christoph of ShePAC and Smart Girl Politics adds her formidable fist-shaking to ours as we chat about ShePAC, the left’s War on Women, and the onslaught of repulsive lady bit scaremongering. We discuss the manufactured Sandra Fluke controversy, the … Continue reading

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NY Dem Accused of Slicing Girlfriend’s Face Now Serving Up Pizza Slices

Corrupt, woman-beating Democrat Hiram Monserrate was caught on surveillance video dragging his bloodied girlfriend by the hair after allegedly slashing her face with a piece of glass.  Where is he now? Hiram Monserrate is serving the public again — one … Continue reading

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Eventually Chuck Schumer Will Figure Out These Newfangled “Telephone” Contraptions

“Um, Senators, ever heard of the mute button?” Possibly unaware that reporters were listening in before a conference call got underway, Chuck Schumer accidentally revealed the Dem strategy to demonize fiscal responsibility. Mr. Schumer told them to portray John Boehner … Continue reading

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