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Demagoguing Rape, Exploiting Victims: The Degenerate Left Continues to Use and Abuse Women

Crossposted from RedState: Out: Hitler analogies. In: rape demagoguery.  If you are a morally bankrupt Leftist, that is. And it’s not just ‘fringe’, either. Mainstream Democrats, including our own Vice-President, are hopping on the revolting bandwagon that reached the nadir … Continue reading

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That’s What She Said #9 with Ezra Dulis (@ezradulis)

Ezra Dulis joins us to talk about Misfit Politics and his Day of Rage video. Other topics: $16 muffins, a lawyer who moonlights as a dominatrix, lady problems in the White House, the president’s “eat the rich” strategy, and the … Continue reading

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Milk: It Does The Patriarchy Good?

A new ad campaign that suggests milk may help alleviate the symptoms of PMS has some feminists acting like it’s that time of the month. My first post for Pajamas Media covers their hysterical accusations of sexism and “sexploitation.” I … Continue reading

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“Dear Woman” Scheme to Get Laid With Feminists May Actually Be Working

Are we looking at a possible love connection for the (purported) men of “Dear Woman” fame? Earlier this week Lori went full-on mean girl on the “sniveling, pathetic whiners” who recorded a video apology to all women for thousands of … Continue reading

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Greg Gutfeld on ‘Feminists’ and Their Obvious Hypocrisy

On Fox News’ Red Eye, Greg Gutfeld points out the latest example of “the hypocrisy of contemporary feminism.” Amen, Greg! Also, you are cute as a button. I only differ with him in that I say “who cares what NOW thinks … Continue reading

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