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That’s What She Said 21 (Teichmania Edition) with @Mommentator & @BrentTeichman

Molly and Brent Teichman call in to debate Chinese babies, Mitt Romney, “vulture capitalism,” and the painful state of the GOP primary race. We also grab our pitchforks and torches over upcoming menu changes at Chick-Fil-A and El Bloombito’s position … Continue reading

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It’s Official: I Cannot In Good Conscience Attend The Royal Wedding

I would object to this and would not be able to forever hold my peace. Which would be super awkward and all during the ceremony, especially as I am a mere commoner: Prince William ‘bans beer from royal wedding’ Prince … Continue reading

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Sh*t-Faced: You’re Doin’ It Wrong

Is nothing sacred? Can’t we get faced without Slate magazine resurrecting the overrated hippie hackery of NAMBLA enthusiast Allen Ginsberg? The answer is no. Dear Editors of the Oxford English Dictionary, In my more hopeful moments, I like to think … Continue reading

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Here’s What I Don’t Get About the Breakfast Beer Debut

Tub Beer at CPAC 2011 (photo credit: April Gregory) Fox News reports: A new beer to be launched in New Zealand’s largest city at 7:00am Thursday has been slammed by alcohol watchdogs concerned about its promotion as a “breakfast beer.” … Continue reading

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