That’s What She Said 25 with Rob Taylor


Two girls, four fists are out in full force in this episode as we rant about Keith Olbermann’s despicable defense of child rape as consensual sex and lefties’ vile rape demagoguery during their campaign to falsely characterize the Virginia ultrasound bill as state-sanctioned rape.

During the second half of the show, I have an embarrassing Freudian slip, we discuss appropriate sexual etiquette, and we count our way to one billion units of cleavage.

Our guest, calling in from the other side of the house, is Rob Taylor. You can read his work at PJ Media, Red Alerts, and Greenville Dragnet.

Download the podcast on iTunes or grab the MP3 file below.

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  1. Wild Phil says:

    Lori & Jenn You Ladies Rock Great Show

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