The Coffee Party Percolates Over With Passive Aggressive Whining


Bless their hearts. A friend pointed out via email that the only bit of this article at Politico, describing Coffee Party leadership discontent, that is necessary in order to understand what happened is this part:

“We are writing to you because it is our belief that much can be learned from the experience of the Interim Board, and the dynamics on the Board which we believe seriously impeded our process. We would like to identify some issues which, from our point of view, have become problems within the Coffee Party, and which, if not corrected, will hinder its success,” wrote ousted board members Bahiya Cabral-Johnson, Teri Torres-Hart and Sabina Virgo in an open letter.

Ah, the old liberal whine-fest stand-by; the open letter. Wonder if they got some tips from Michael Moore? I assume only if they offered him donuts with his coffee. Anyway, note the three names of the ousted board members.

You see, it is not so much a Coffee Party as it is a coffee klatch gone bitchy. Meow, ladies!

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