The Loneliest Lefty


Awww, it’s emo lefty.

The Loneliness of An American Lefty

As an American citizen with left leaning politics I am trapped in a small box.  I have no real political choices.  I have no chance.  Between the American Taliban and the pragmatists, we have shut down the voice of a legitimate American left. Yes, we still have Bernie Sanders, but where are the other voices?  Buried down in the layers of the noise machine.  The 200 Tea Partyers get first page New York Times coverage and the thousands who fight to protect the safety net, get little notice.

Poor little lefty. When will the New York Times finally take a break from fellating the Tea Party to cast a suggestive wink at the American Left?

Woe and sadness, woe and heartache, woe, woe, woe …

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