The Obama Doctrine: Let’s Hope Those Other Guys Pick Up the Slack


Surprise!  President Hopenchange is pulling combat planes out of Libya because the Pentagon hopes our partners will take it from here.

In an announcement that I can only describe as shocking, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced the U.S. would be ending its air combat operations in Libya on Saturday. From ABC News:

The Pentagon is about to pull its attack planes out of the international air campaign in Libya, hoping NATO partners can take up the slack.

We’re “hoping” NATO can pick up the slack? Since when did “hoping” become part of an effective foreign policy or military strategy? Newsflash: It isn’t. Everything this administration says and does says with Libya just screams incompetence. It’s just astounding.

Quick, get the Brits and French a stack of “Yes We Can” t-shirts, and throw in some Shepard Fairey lithographs–time for our allies to experience the breathtaking power of hope!

Update: Hmm. That bit about “hoping NATO partners can take up the slack” has been scrubbed from the AP report on the ABC News website. Did the original report mischaracterize the administration’s hopey, changey strategy? Or did Team Obama demand a rewrite after realizing how incompetent it made them look?


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