Twitter Obama 2012 Slogans


After Obama’s unsurprising (and unsurprisingly lame) video announcement that he would be seeking reelection, twittery tweeps had a field day coming up with Obama 2012 slogans, using the hashtag #obama2012slogans.

The folks over at iOwntheworld set about to come up with more, which you can read here. They started it off with samples like this one, from @iowahawkblog on twitter:

@iowahawkblog #Obama2012slogans Admit It, You’ve Got Morbid Curiosity About What I’ll Do Next

One of my favorites was also by Iowahawk:


#Obama2012slogans Give Me a Second Chance, And I’ll Prove You Are Worthy of Me

Here are some of mine from earlier today as well:

snarkandboobs “I’m not finished creating or saving my golf handicap”#Obama2012slogans

snarkandboobs “Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago? Crap, wait. um. High Speed Rail!” #Obama2012slogans

snarkandboobs “Yes We Can! Okay, not really. But, shaddup, racists. Also, George Bush!!!111” #obama2012slogans

Head over to iowntheworld and see what other slogans they’ve come up with. Hilarity ensuing and such!


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