That’s What They Said

An “About” page crossed with a blogroll, minus the icky awkwardness of writing about ourselves in the third person.

Lori’s mom:
“Awful wee lassies.”

RedStates Neil Stevens:
TWSS is becoming one of my favorite reads.

@s_dog on Twitter:
weapons-grade awesome

The Snark Factors Fingers Malloy:
You guys rock

@killpundit on Twitter:
I was a fan of all of your writings, but your commentaries are cracking me up. Excellent!

Chris Barnhart of
@snarkandboobs @jennqpublic are like magic together. I was just along for the ride! đŸ˜€

Pajamas Media’s David Swindle:
The combination of Lori Ziganto and Jenn Q. Public is like burgers and French fries, peanut butter and chocolate…

Screenwriter and columnist Mark Tapson:
Hot, smart, funny chicks

Whorunsgov review of our Feminism 2.0 panel at Smart Girl Summit 2010:
I’m not gonna lie: there was a lot of name-calling.

Strictly Right host Andrew Lawton:
Today in history, a nuke was dropped on Hiroshima. Similar level of force to #TWSS w/ @snarkandboobs & @JennQPublic

One Response to That’s What They Said

  1. Dan says:

    Hello, I want to inform you that this site is quite funny! Both of you have got it!

    FYI, if you have am iPad, get the Clapboard and make Gutfeld do some retakes, ok? N’est pas? Je nais said quoi… You get the gist, oh, the URL on the App Store may help, dud… Gutvwrench more please ladies! Cymbol is for writers, GameGlyph for game writers ad Clapboard is to get Gutfeld!!!

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